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A R T   F O R   T H E   S O U L    November 2019

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Vala Ola's yearly 5 day workshops and a new 3 day "Art for the Soul" workshop
2019 November 15-17 total of 3 days (Fri - Sun) 
Instructor: Vala Ola 
Scottsdale Artists' School, Arizona. Great location in downtown Scottsdale, walking distance to the galleries on Main Street.
Workshop hours: 9:00 - 4:00 pm 
3 days: Fri  Sat  Sun
Tuition: $375 
 This is where art meets life. Express yourself. Surprice yourself. Use your imagination. Let loose, Discover. During this 3 day art retreat your will create 6 artworks. For each 2 hour art session Vala Ola will give you a theme such as painting your "Tree of Life". After each session everyone will sit down in a confidiential circle of trust and share what they feel like sharing. Students will create 2 artworks per day such as a very large drawing to break free, 4 paintings with acrylic and oil crayons (oil paints are ok if preferred) and one sculpture.


2020  January 13 - 17, total of 5 days (Mon.- Fri.)

Instructor: Vala Ola

Scottsdale Artists' School, Arizona. Great location in downtown Scottsdale, walking distance to galleries on Main Street.

Workshop hours 9:00 am -4:00 pm
5 days: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

Tuition:  $680.00 
Model Fee:  $55.00

Level: INT-Professional

Registration open - call the Scottsdale Artists' School 480-990-1422 or go to http://www.scottsdaleartschool.org/

Oil based clay.
Vala Ola will take you through the process of creating a figurative sculpture that is suitable for casting in bronze. The clay figure will be one-third life size in a creative pose. The focus will be on anatomy, curves and planes, bone structure, ribcage, contraposto, and balance. A day devoted to the head. Special focus on: eyes, lips, hair, and tips on achieving likeness using calipers. Hands and feet will be addressed. Fleshy forms vs. defined muscles, using shadows, points of interest, leading the eye around, texture, lost edges, and drapery will also be discussed. Tools to use, how to create textures. Composition, communicating emotion. Finally you will learn how to add your own personal twist to the pose. The final result and goal will be a beautiful anatomically correct figure, compositionally strong, emotionally engages the viewer, and finally after adding your own creativity to the pose, a work of art that expresses your own unique voice.
Sculpting demonstrations.


For those who would like to join for a fun night together with Vala Ola: Thursday 4-5 pm there sometimes is a reception (wine) organized by the school in the courtyard for all workshop students “Thirsty Thursdays”. After the court yard you can join Vala at 5:15 pm for a group dinner at a restaurant in walking distance. After dinner we’ll go for a gallery walk on Main Street Scottsdale 7-9pm.



VALA OLA WORKSHOP AT SCOTTSDALE ARTIST'S SCHOOL link to more information and registration

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Vala Ola (left) and Erin at Vala's yearly workshop at the Scottsdale Artists' School.
Vala Ola (left) and Erin at Vala's yearly workshop at the Scottsdale Artists' School.

"For many years now I've taught a yearly 5 day workshop on sculpting the figure. It's always such a pleasure to meet fellow art enthusiasts. I enjoy sharing and forwarding what I have to give and it is a welcomed brake from the solitude of the studio. Every year I add something different to the workshops, new tips and angles to explore. Vala Ola







Bust by Vala Ola - 2012

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