Bronze. 7 feet tall. Limited edition of 9.

A FEW WORDS FROM THE ARTIST:   "A native American family of 3 perched on a boulder. They have been traveling across the planes and now he is calling on his tribe to settle on a new homestead. The upraised arm is a gesture of victory much seen in art through history, most memorably in the Statue of Liberty. This couple and their baby is of the Lakota tribe. The model for the male is Lakota and showed up at an art show while I was sculpting. I couldn't believe my luck, such a handsome model with long black flowing hair down his back. I asked him immediately if he had time to pose for me.  He holds a rawhide shield with eagle feathers flying. I had just come back from Italy seeing Michelangelo's David and was excited about creating this piece as it shows well the strength of the masculine anatomy. It was important to me to honor the Native American people and be respectful of their history. The model, his name is Moses Brings Plenty and is a drummer in a Native American Band, told me stories of his people and their customs while posing for me. The mother has a pouch with dried berries, trail-mix for the family. The first bronze in this edition is placed at Pinnacle Peak in Scottsdale where a number of Native artifacts have been found in the ground, arrowheads and pieces of pottery."    Vala Ola

Red Arrow 4