Bronze on wood base with turntable. 1/3 life-size, 18" x 11" x 11". Limited edition of 35.

Price $5,300

A FEW WORDS FROM THE ARTIST:   "Back in 1528 the Narvaez Expedition sailed from Spain to Tampa, Florida. One of the crew members was Juan Ortiz, born to a nobleman in Sevilla. When Juan went ashore the natives from the Tocobaca Chiefdom captured him. The daughter of the Chief pleaded to her father to spare his life. He lived for 11 years among the Natives, first as a captive but later with the help of Ulele fled to another tribe who treated him well. When the De Soto Expedition arrived the men thought he was a native until they heard him call out to them in their own language. Juan joined De Soto as an interpreter. He never made it back to Europe but his story was published by his contemporaries. CNN covered this fascinating tale of Juan Ortiz and princess Ulele. It as one of the first encounters between Native Americans and Europeans.

As I sculpted this piece it also became about freeing oneself from whatever is holding us back in life so we can live our life to the fullest. One day while in search of a model for this sculpture I saw a young man with just the right psychic in Home Depot. It turned out he was a former NFL player. He graciously posed for "BREAK THESE BONDS". I felt also felt that he like Juan would show great courage when faced with adversity. Juan survived and lived to tell his tale and Ulele his savior will be remember for her compassion and big heart. I also sculpted Ulele and based on her sculptures was born a piece called LOST TRIBES that honors all the tribes that have been lost to us. Both ULELE and LOST TRIBES have been cast as monuments.

Vala Ola

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